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    Mirror Dog Bridges Business with Purpose We work with businesses and advocacy organizations seeking powerful visual media to help them communicate a strong, clear message and unparalleled production value to effect positive change. We’ve left traditional “videography” in the dust.

    Our exclusive cinematic productions help create marketing buzz across all social channels. Video is proven to increase online conversions and bring much-needed awareness to the causes we champion.

    Tell Your Story At Mirror Dog, our mission is to bring a voice to the voiceless. We are committed to creating inspirational and enlightening entertainment, shining a spotlight on important issues in context that are not getting the attention they deserve. Through our storytelling lens, we create productions which showcase the tenacity of the human spirit and we strive to inspire change from the inside-out.


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    Media Services We know how valuable your time is and we strive to provide exceptional service tailored to your needs.

    Services include experienced production management, industry leading talent, equipment, shoot location services, and investor funding.
    Media services
    Giving Mirror Dog Founder
    Kim Marie bridges commerce and philanthropy through film and digital media.

    Our company focuses
    on cause-related marketing, advertising and collaborations through our media
    and capabilities.
    Production Mirror Dog has produced multiple films and television shows, including our upcoming release, Urban Myths,
    an award-winning full-length feature.

    We strive to create compelling stories and captivate audiences with quality filmmaking that sparks conversation and inspires positive change from the inside-out.

    Mirror Dog Productions is honored to work with Vettix and their Veteran Ticket Foundation Members as they expressed a powerful impact of what the special events mean and what the special events mean to them and their families. It’s an honor to serve those who served. Urban Myths Released
    Now streaming on Amazon Prime Video
    Our Current Projects A Psychological/Suspense/Paranormal Thriller with an underlying moral rooted in tribal lore, the film showcases an all-star cast and some of best locations Northern Michigan has to offer. It’s a tale about family, friendship, instinct, light verses dark, love and loss that takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

    We are incredibly grateful to have our own story championed and celebrated by
    local, national and international media including:

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    Mirror Dog Foundation Giving A Voice To The Voiceless The newly formed Mirror Dog Foundation, established in 2019 by Kim Marie, provides support and grants for advocacy organizations, while building a community of like-minded, charitable individuals who can come together to fulfill a shared philanthropic mission. Filmmaker and Philanthropist Kim Marie helms Mirror Dog and its foundation. “I live my life purpose-driven, and that is the foundation I build everything on. Success is measured by the lives you impact on a daily basis in a positive way. The positive change we bring and the level of outreach we have can bring hope, inspiration, education and awareness, saving lives all around the world.” Together we can create a momentous outcome. LEARN MORE

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