Producer. Director. Writer

Kim Marie is the founder and president of Mirror Dog Productions, an award-winning multimedia production company. A purpose-driven company inspiring awareness, education, and change from the inside, out. 

This cause-related and purpose-driven entrepreneur decided to pursue this mission early in her life’s journey. Kim, left her dream career in law enforcement and firefighting, took a leap of faith and traveled to Hollywood to create her philanthropic platform.

This small town Michigander, pushed through her fears, packed up her house and two dogs and drove across country, arriving “home” in California. Despite having no family or friends, Kim faithfully stepped out in the city of Los Angeles; for the first time in her life, Kim expressed; “I finally felt like I belonged I have never felt that before. I am home.” Kim’s faith gave her the strength, courage and determination to pursue one of the world’s most difficult industries, especially for women. Kim was no stranger to male-dominated type industries, but Kim’s experience had taught her how to thrive and flow well with any group.  

Little did she know what the next decade (plus) had in store for her. The roller-coaster nature of her journey stretched her faith and propelled her personal and business growth modeling her character, integrity, and morals. Which Kim attributes the aspirations of growing from the inside, out.  

Being an “outside the box” businesswoman, Kim drew from her rich background, experience, and faith-based foundation to achieve her current successes in business, consulting, filmmaking and marketing.  

For over a decade Kim focused on learning both behind the scenes and in front of the camera skills before branching out and creating Mirror Dog Productions.  She has taken on various roles as writer, director, producer, actor and as part of the crew; giving her the opportunities to work with and learn from successful writers, producers, directors, and some of Hollywood’s top talent. Kim goes on to say “I was blessed to have been taken under the wing of some of Hollywood’s most iconic talents, confirming that I was in the right place, at the right time.”  

Going a little deeper,  Kim quickly became which she calls a “serial entrepreneur,” building a successful Private Investigation and Executive Protection business as well as partnering in other ventures. Her experiences and training have given her a broad understanding, level of experience and knowledge of various industries. 

Through Mirror Dog Productions Kim created her first feature film, Urban Myths. Kim’s journey didn’t come without trials and tribulations. Determined to complete her film, as she expresses “paying her dues to the movie gods,” she wore multiple hats, writing, producing, directing and even stepping into editing. These skills went on to be recognized in several national film festivals, garnering her several prestigious industry awards.

Her depth of knowledge and overall business strengths, gained in overseeing multi-million dollar organizations, have given her the aptitude, credibility and valor necessary to impel and inspire others through the use of high-quality media.  

She has brought together an accomplished and devoted team of professionals dedicated to producing momentous, creative and inspirational media. 

Kim continues to have great success with her unique approach to collaboration and producing engaging media for companies and nonprofit organizations. As a board member for several nonprofit organizations, Kim continues to model and inspire others to utilize her unique purpose-driven business model where a portion of each project is set aside to benefit a selected charity. 

How We're Different

We distinguish ourselves from the major studios by its ability to maintain a low overhead and cost structure, to be attentive and responsive to clients, and by its commitment to undertake only those projects that have sound business prospects and attractive profit potential.

Management Team

The team’s productions have ranged from low budget independent projects, to major studio blockbusters with top-caliber acting and directing talent. They have managed or participated in sales, marketing, distributions and all phases of the film and video production process. Mirror Dog management has established contacts with distinguished film and television producers, crew, and talent throughout North America.