Current Projects

Urban Myths

Enjoy this journey of self discovery… family, friendship, sisterhood, instinct, light versus dark, growth, love, and loss.

A group of high school seniors embark on a spring break camping trip to investigate the myths they had been researching and learning from their history teacher. During their trip, they stumble on an old haunted Indian Burial ground and get more than they bargained for when some of the group start to vanish.

True Passages

True Passages follows the dramatic stories of three individuals and their families, as their journeys begin to intertwine with one another. The story tells of a couple struggling to start a family, a young girl who ages out of foster care, and a Federal Agent working through the toughest assignment in her career. The series offers honest, dramatic, and often comical perspective of life and spirituality.

The Backpack Diaries

Based on true events, two women, Traci and Amy are best friends who have simultaneously hit a crossroad in their lives. Making a daring and unconventional decision, the two women walk away from all they’ve known — their possessions, careers, and relationships — to strap on a backpack and explore what the world has to offer. Their inspirational journey is set for two years, when halfway through the ensuing adventures, the women part ways. One summons the will to stay the course to unearth the secrets to personal transformation, as the other returns home to find a different, fortuitous adventure of falling in love.

Fair Chase

Coming Soon!